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Methodology of teaching the State language

Head of the department

Turabaeva Lyazzat Kalykulovna

Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Our address: 160012, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke Khan avenue 5, M.Auezov SKSU, Building № 5 (D), Faculty of Philology, department of 'Methodology of teaching the State language", Room 411

Telephone: (8 7252) 300254  


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General information

The department "Teaching the state language" was organized on August 28, 2003 by the decision of the academic council of the university. The chair teaches such disciplines as "Kazakh language", "Professional Kazakh language".

Since 2015, the department is a part of the Faculty of Philology.

The faculty of the department is working closely with Institute of Linguistics named after A.A. Baytursynov NAS RK, philological faculty of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, regional administration for the development of languages, the local center of Kazakh language.

Cooperation was established with the Institute of Linguistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to improve the qualifications of teaching staff, training personnel, and publishing scientific papers.

Our achievements

Our credo -  always be at the forefront of philological science and social life.

The staff of the department maintains fruitful cooperation with the regional department for the development of languages ​​and organizes joint events.

The department operates organization "Young talents".

Teaching Staff

The department has 17 teachers: 6 candidates of philological sciences, 6 associate professors, 4 senior teachers, 7 teachers. Scientific degree is 36%.

The teachers of the department actively participate in republican, regional competitions and seminars, make presentations at university, regional scientific conferences.

Scientific areas

The research work of the department is carried out in the following areas: Kazakh language; theory and methods of training and education, Kazakh literature.

The staff of the department are the scientific leaders of the research works of students and senior pupils of urban schools.

Perspective plan

The department is scheduled to actively participate in compititions, in urban and regional cultural events.

It is planned to increase the quantity and quality of published monographs, textbooks, electronic textbooks, and virtual classes.

In the future, with the aim of creative exchange of experience, it is planned to expand relations with international and republican scientific organizations and higher educational institutions