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The theory and methods of preschool and primary school education


 Head of the chair

 Urazbaev  Kurmangaly  Marhabatovich

 Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor


Address:   The Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 160018, T. Tazhibayev street, 2, Building № 8, South Kazakhstan State University after named M.Auezova, Faculty of Philology, department of “The theory and methodology of preschool and primary education”.

Office number: (7252) 36-71-93

Моderator:  Umirzakhova G.A.


►Teachers' staff

General information

The department «The theory and methodology of preschool and primary education» of the philological faculty of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University was founded in 1996. From 1997 to 2000, the department was successfully headed by candidate of philological sciences, professor K.Moldabek.

In 2001, the department was divided into the departments «Theory and methods of teaching natural disciplines in the primary education» (head of the departmentcandidate of pedagogical sciences, professor L. Iskakova) and «Theory and methodology of teaching philological disciplines» (Head of the departmentcandidate of philological sciences, professor K.Moldabek).In 2003-2005, the department“Theory and methods of teaching philological disciplines” was headed by doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor A.B. Abibulaeva. In 2007, after union of the departments was establishedthe department “Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education”. The head of department was the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor L.T. Iskakova. In 2012-2017, the department was headed by candidate of biological sciences, associate professor S.M. Sikhimbaeva, who in 2013 became the owner of the state granе“The best teacher of the university”.

Since May 2017, the head of the department “Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education” is candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, a member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan KurmangaliMarkhabatovichUrazbayev.

In the history of the department the holders of the “Best Teacher” grant were S.M. Sikhimbaeva, L.T. Iskakova and G.O.Zhetpisbayeva. The department employs highly qualified specialists. At present, in accordance with the policy of the president, the department has established groups with instruction in three languages. Also, the staff of the department continues to conduct research work on the topic “Variability in preschool and primary education”.

Awarding the holder of the state grant “The best teacher of the university”candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor G.O. Zhetpisbaev's breastplate

On March 18-19, 2014-2015academic yearat the VIIRepublican subject Olympiadamong university students, held in the InternationalKazakh-TurkishUniversity inTurkistan, the specialty “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education”team“Bagdarsham” took the third place.

Awarding the winners of the team “Bagdarsham” (2014-2015)

In the 2015-2016 academic year, at the Republican Student Olympiad among higher educational institutions of the Kazakhstan Republic, the specialty “Preschool education and upbringing” the team “Kunshuak” took the first place and the specialty “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” team “Bolashak” took the third place.

Rector of the University ZH.U. Myrhalykov and dean of the faculty Tileuberdiev B M congratulated the members of the faculty team Kunshuak” and “Bolashak” - winners of the Republican competition 2015-2016


The staff of the department

 The department has a staff: - 20 units: 8 of them are the candidates of sciences, 8 of them senior lecturers, 5 of them senior teachers. The professors, teachers who works at the department are masters of their crafts, teachers of the state grant “The best teacher of the university”who are engaged in both scientific and educational activities at a high level.

According to the results of the rating of educational programs of higher education in Kazakhstan specialty 5B010100 - Preschool education andupbringing, 5В010200 - Pedagogy and methods of primary education occupy the first place for the last three years.Based on the results of the rating of the NKAOKO, the bachelor's degree “Preschool education and upbringing”, “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” in the republic took the first place.

The department upbringing works

The plans of the educative work have been ready for the learners to the new year according to the 10 points.  Curators work according to the confirmed plan. The educative lessons spend according to the schedule weekly. On the eve of the holidays, the wall papers are issued and lecture rooms are colorfully made out. Students of the department take active part in the university activities, concerts and statements. The special attention is given to the discipline in the groups and to the cleanliness of lecture rooms. The students who pass the lessons without a good reason are taken under the control. Students’ progress is checked according to the results of the control weeks.

Under the guidance of the open educational hours are held on the themes “Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity”, “Say no to the drugs”, “There is a healthy mind in healthy body” and etc.The purpose of open educational hours is the formation of a healthy lifestyle of students, the development of a healthy personality growth, teach how to lead a healthy lifestyle, will fade from harmful habits, prevent drug addiction.

Student of the group Phi 16-10k3 Oralbai Zhanna in the Republican Youth Championship in Togyzumalak, which was held in October 2016 in Taldykorgan, took 3rd place


As a whole, all planned educative activities are realized. All tasks are executed on time, educational hours are held conversations that for student’s humanistic and patriotic feelings.

In the framework of President N.A.Nazarbayev’s program “Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity” organized activities dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Tulkibasdistrict, Turkestan region.In the organization and holding of events together with the representatives of intellectual community,the rector of university D.P.Kozhamzharova and the head of the department “Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education”K.M.Urazbayev.

The information about the improvement of the teachers’ professional skills

 The department has a plan for advanced training of teaching staff. In according to the plan, the department teachers are held courses of professional development at the universities of the republic, the countries of the near and far abroad, at the Institute of Advanced Training of teachers “Orleu” in Almaty.

Pedagogical practice of the students

The students confirm their theoretical knowledge through making the practical and laboratorial lessons in the pedagogical practice at the schools.

Students of the specialty5B010100 «Pre-school education and upbringing» pass «Pedagogical practice in the initial groups» in the kindergartens №69 “Erkebulan”, №45 “Akku”, №82 “Erkemai”, № 20 “Kazyna”.      

The students of the speciality 5В010200 - «Pedagogy and methodology of primary education» pass pedagogical practice «The First days of the child in school» at the school-gymnasium №38 named after N.Ondasynov, school-lyceum №24 named after S.Erubayev, school-lyceum №80,school-gymnasium №1 named after A.S.Pushkin in Shymkent. The basis of knowledge builds in an elementary school. The knowledge of the elementary school is very important.

Candidates for the university!!

The dear candidates for the university! One of leading specialties of university 5B010100 - «Pre-school education and upbringing» and 5B010200- «Pedagogy and methodology of primary education» guarantee to you a quality education and will provide the light future.

5B010100 – Pre-school education and upbringing

Training term 4 years

Qualification: the Bachelor degree of the preschool education and upbringing.

 The graduators can work as a preschool manager, a tutor, a methodologist,a preschool teacher and an assistant of preschool teacher .

Professional work sphere:-pedagogical and scientifically-methodical spheres, and also national education spheres.

5В010200 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

Training term: 4 years

Qualification: the Bachelor degree of the pedagogic and the elementary education methods. 

The graduators can work as teachers of primary schools, tutors, junior researchers and the methodologists.

Professional work sphere: Pedagogical, organizational-pedagogical and scientifically-methodical spheres, and also national education spheres.

The objects of the professional work: comprehensive schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and kindergartens.