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Methodology of teaching the State language

Head of the department

Turabaeva Lyazzat Kalykulovna

Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Our address: 160012, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke Khan avenue 5, M.Auezov SKSU, Building № 5 (D), Faculty of Philology, department of 'Methodology of teaching the State language", Room 411

Telephone: (8 7252) 300254  


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General information

The department "Teaching the state language" was organized on August 28, 2003 by the decision of the academic council of the university. 

Since 2015, the department is a part of the Faculty of Philology. In 2019, the department opened the specialty 6B03220 - "Journalism".

The chair teaches such disciplines as "Kazakh language", "Professional Kazakh language".

The faculty of the department is working closely with Institute of Linguistics named after A.A. Baytursynov NAS RK, philological faculty of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, regional administration for the development of languages, the local center of Kazakh language.

Cooperation was established with the Institute of Linguistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to improve the qualifications of teaching staff, training personnel, and publishing scientific papers.

The department has 19 teachers: 7 candidates of philological sciences, 7 associate professors, 4 senior teachers, 8 teachers. Scientific degree is 36%.

The department trains specialists:

6B03220 - "Journalism" Educational program

Duration of training - 4 year

 List of qualifications and positions

The graduate of this EP is awarded the degree of 6B03220 - "Journalism" 

Bachelors in EP "6B03202 - Journalism" can hold primary positions as a journalist, editor, radio and TV presenter, correspondent, reporter, press relations specialist, information analyst, specialist in media and communication of various industries and forms of ownership without qualifying work experience in accordance with the qualification requirements of the Qualification directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees, approved by order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 21, 2012 No. 201-ө-m.

The sphere of professional activity of the EP is the field of mass media, Internet resources, information services and management, press services and centers, communication departments, related information and communication areas (PR services and management, publishing houses, advertising agencies, etc.);

The objects of professional activity of graduates of the specialty OP are mass media, domestic and foreign electronic and print media, news agencies and news services, publishing houses and printing complexes, press services of public organizations, structures and divisions for public relations, advertising agencies, network information structures .

The subjects of professional activity of the OP bachelor are information, professional activities aimed at collecting, processing and disseminating information, recognizing, researching and communicating to the public the actual problems of mankind, competent commenting and analysis of various social situations, information management and building informational partnership, creating promotional materials.

The bachelor in the specialty OP “6B03220 – Journalism” can perform the following types of professional activity:

• journalistic author's (author's program)

• informational and creative (talk shows, reality shows)

• design and analytical;

• organizational and managerial;

• social organizing;

• entrepreneurial activity (mass media, local TV channels, etc.)

• commentators of sports competitions;

• screenwriters;

• radio presenters, TV presenters;

• journalists;

• correspondents;

• corrector;

• teleoperator;

• advertising specialist;

• telemarketer;

• editor-analyst;

• entrepreneurial activity.